Islamic Community Center of Phoenix – USA

Overall Rating3.
Activities and Programs for Mosque Members3.
Interaction with the Outside Community3.
Executive Committee or Board of Directors 33333

Islamic Community Center of Phoenix
7516 N. Black Canyon Hwy,
Phoenix, AZ 85051, USA


To rank this mosque consider the following criteria for all categories:

1) Facilities

  • Main Hall (Prayer Hall)
  • Library
  • Mortuary (for the washing and storing of the deceased)
  • Community Hall (An all purpose hall used for different events)
  • Ladies’ Gallery (prayer area for female members)
  • Ablution Areas (Washrooms)
  • Dome and Minaret
  • Kitchen
  • Offices and Meeting Rooms
  • Elevator
  • Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation
  • Furniture and equipments
  • Parking Lots

2) Activities and Programs for Mosque Members

  • Jum`ah Prayer and the Salah
  • Islamic study classes
  • Regular spiritual short talks
  • Arabic classes
  • Sisters’ activities or programs
  • Quran memorization or Tajweed classes
  • Youth activities or programs
  • New Muslim classes
  • Fitness or sports teams
  • Counseling services – marital, family, parenting or marriage counseling
  • Day care programs
  • workshops

3) Interaction with the Outside Community

  • Dawah programs to non-Muslims
  • School or church visits to present Islam
  • Efforts to write or call the media
  • Participation in interfaith dialogues or programs
  • Initiatives to write or call political leaders
  • Invitations for politicians to visit the mosque
  • Participation in social service projects
  • Prison or jail programs
  • Food pantry, soup kitchen, or collect food for the poor
  • Thrift store or collect clothes for the poor
  • Anti-drug or anti-crime programs in the neighborhood
  • Voter registration programs
  • Substance abuse programs

4) Imam

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Islam
  • High spirituality
  • Effective Communication Skills.
  • Interfaith relations skills
  • Dynamic personality and motivational speaker
  • Conflict prevention and resolution skills
  • Capacity to represent the Muslim community and speak to the media
  • Interaction manner that reflects positively on the Masjid
  • Self-conduct that fosters unity and a sense of inclusion among all members of the local Muslim community
  • counseling and guidance services available as needed

5) Executive Committee or Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors is elected by a membership that represents the community that the organization serves
  • The Board of Directors involves all members of the mosque in identifying essential goals and developing procedures or strategies for reaching  those goals
  • The Board of Directors promotes the proper use of the mosque as an institution advocating Islamic principles and values
  • The Board of Directors organizes activities which are beneficial to Muslims
  • The Board of Directors enhances the awareness amongst Muslims residing within the mosque limits to work together towards improving their social, educational and religious life;
  • The Board of Directors fosters close relationship with other groups and grassroots organizations so as to promote inter-religious harmony and good citizenship through the spirit of self-help and cooperation; and
  • The Board of Directors attends to the general affairs of the mosque and keeps proper maintenance of the mosque under its management.
  • The Board of Directors has a realistic annual budget and a plan for achieving it.
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18 Reviews for “Islamic Community Center of Phoenix – USA”

  1. Overall Rating55555
    Activities and Programs for Mosque Members55555
    Interaction with the Outside Community22222
    Executive Committee or Board of Directors 22222
    Brian Maetin Says:

    Last night 12-12-2014 one of the ABDUL-WAHEED family tresspassed on my property and vadalized my truck by ruining my tires. In order to repair this criminal damage my costs will exceed six hundred dollars. The municipal court of Phoenix has ordered Jasim Abdul-Waheed to pay me one thousand five hundred and thirty dollars in May of this year. I have recieved nothing despite all this time.I ask the Islamic community to interveen. I would rather not enforce a lean against any property he owns but I will if the money is not paid soon.

    Brian Martin
    7206 N. 25th DR.
    Phoenix AZ 85051

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  2. Overall Rating55555
    Activities and Programs for Mosque Members55555
    Interaction with the Outside Community55555
    Executive Committee or Board of Directors 55555
    Brian Maetin Says:

    As a Christian That owns property near to the center I have been pleased to see the many good things the Islamic community center has done for our little neighborhood. Zishan has given me his time and work simply for the joy of being able to help a neighbor in need. Jasim Abdul-Waheed Has shown himself to be a good and spiritual man and has helped me in the past.However his son “Rudy” Weam Abdul-Waheed has engaged in a lifestyle of self degradation totally against Islamic principles and the laws of our community. I have been terrorized by this young mans outrageous actions. two weeks ago he threatened to kill my family and me and “your fat jewish mother”.There is much more to this story than I can reveal in in this note.I have not been perfect as a Christian or a neighbor but this has gone way too far. I was hospitalized with malignant hypertension after this incident. I could have died! Somehow I have to disengage myself from this foolish war with this family.I ask your help. My telephone is 602-589-5346. Please call.

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    Rating: -4 (from 6 votes)

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Activities and Programs for Mosque Members
Interaction with the Outside Community
Executive Committee or Board of Directors

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